EA Sports WRC
  • 3.5 (1)

    Peugeot 208 T16 R5 - Rally Mediterraneo

  • Fictional

    Rally Mediterraneo

    Serra Di Cuzzioli

  • 03'49"608

    Tyres not specified

  • Jerkku


  • wheel
    no assists
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    (Front) Toe Angle-1.00 °
    (Front) Camber Angle-2.07 °
    (Rear) Toe Angle1.00 °
    (Rear) Camber Angle-1.91 °
    Braking Force3.304.93 Nm
    Brake Bias62 %
    Handbrake Force2.695.09 Nm
    (Front) Viscous Differentialdefault
    (Front) LSD Driving Lock26 %
    (Front) LSD Braking Lock20 %
    (Front) LSD Preload50.00 Nm
    (Centre) Viscous Differentialdefault
    (Centre) Torque Biasdefault
    (Centre) LSD Driving Lockdefault
    (Centre) LSD Braking Lockdefault
    (Centre) LSD Preloaddefault
    (Rear) Viscous Differentialdefault
    (Rear) LSD Driving Lock39 %
    (Rear) LSD Braking Lock39 %
    (Rear) LSD Preload52.5# Nm
    1st Gear0.200
    2nd Gear0.330
    3rd Gear0.530
    4th Gear0.725
    5th Gear0.970
    6th Geardefault
    Final Drive0.200
    (Front) Slow Bump-4.00
    (Front) Fast Bump-4.00
    (Front) Bump Division0.28 m/s
    (Front) Slow Rebound-4.00
    (Rear) Slow Bump-2.00
    (Rear) Fast Bump-2.00
    (Rear) Bump Division0.28 m/s
    (Rear) Slow Rebound-2.00
    (Front) Ride Height-50.00 mm
    (Front) Spring Rate210.00 N/mm
    (Front) Anti-Roll Bar39.60 N/mm
    (Rear) Ride Height-54.00 mm
    (Rear) Spring Rate210.00 N/mm
    (Rear) Anti-Roll Bar37.71 N/mm

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