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Welcome to – your ultimate hub for premier car setups designed for games like EA Sports WRC, Dirt Rally 2.0, WRC Generations, WRC 10, WRC 9 and WRC 8.

Our platform offers an extensive collection of car setup information, covering everything from single-stage strategies to comprehensive season-long car setups. Our goal is to equip you with the means to maximize your car's performance and navigate each course with an unparalleled sense of assurance.

For added convenience, our website allows you to securely store your unique setups, either privately or publicly. This feature enables you to exchange ideas with fellow enthusiasts, fostering a collaborative environment where players can enhance and refine their car setups. Join us today at to revolutionize your gaming experience.

Setups By Game

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    EA Sports WRC


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    Dirt Rally 2.0


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    WRC Generations


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    WRC 10


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    WRC 9


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    WRC 8


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